Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anne Packard Personal Appearance - January 2012

Traveling the byways from Cape Cod to Saint Augustine is a long and beautiful journey. The trip provides distinctive differences when the chosen course is not simply along our busy interstates, but, rather as a leisurely stroll along the isolated beaches that make up the Atlantic Coast. Anne Packard has been observing nature (predominantly from a coastal perspective) for decades. She has become one of America’s most revered painters, whose accuracy in perspective and her ability to suggest time, temperature, breezes (and even ancillary information that only non-visible senses can perceive) can be translated in each original. Only the greatest artists rise above these capabilities and reveal their own personal mood and emotion as well… Anne does just that, and these images effectively become unforgettable.

Anne Packard roams her native coast uncovering inherent truths found along it’s shores. Identifying scenes of unique solitude is her gift…no one does it better! From a place within, Anne expresses an image that can be cherished by her current collectors and enjoyed by their heirs forever. Originals vary in color, tone and solemnity, and are filled with subtle qualities that can be found only in the works of the "Masters". You be the judge, and as you examine this catalog, we invite you to share with us your feelings and emotions. These new works are stunning, and many contain abstract qualities that exude a breakthrough aire. As in the past, Anne will be taking a low-key approach to her growing fame; she is consistently asking us to avoid any public praise (you know, those moments at an art event where the Master of Ceremonies provides the often highly deserved accolades). Throughout the art world, praise is often best demonstrated by collectors continuing to make acquisitions. I believe that if Anne had her way, she would be merely a stranger at her own exhibition, enjoying the moment when each painting finds its’ new home.

Anne Packard’s personal appearances are very, very rare and we have been blessed by the fact that she loves coming to Florida. Our intention is to put you in direct contact with the artist, however briefly, and to continue to somehow satisfy her need to paint the solitude she seeks while blending it with our need to enjoy her work. Together we’re a part of her growing importance as one of America’s unique personalities and truly masterful painters. We are dedicated to Anne Packard, whose delicate humility is such that the only way to state it without her friendly rebuff is to put it in writing…so here it is Anne, "You fulfill a place in our lives as an art dealer who craves the excitement of an ever-changing creative process, and we long for a deep relationship with you and your colorful expressions of the coastal elements that are a part of your life."
Len Cutter
President, Cutter & Cutter Fine Art

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